Book Projects

Infrastructures of Belonging: Native Modernism and US Cultures of Extraction

This project challenges the erasure of Native writing from critical accounts of American modernism and modernity. Grounded in post-Allotment Minneapolis, it argues that conceptual infrastructures of American empire—property, culture, domesticity, the urban—are also the scaffolding for an emergent Native anti-colonialism. From 19th century works by William Warren and Charles Eastman to contemporary novels and activist texts by Louise Erdrich, David Treuer, Gerald Vizenor and AIM, Infrastructures of Belonging locates a flourishing Native modernism within the coordinates of a settler state. This account also revalues the city as a space of Native political intervention, rooting its theory of modernism within Native and postcolonial critiques of American empire.

The Coloniality of Drought

This project endeavors a comparative study of the aesthetics and politics of  drought in Palestine and Dinétah. In these contexts, drought was produced and used by colonial officials to expel Indigenous  communities and to justify settler state expansion. Paying particular attention to imperial photographic surveys, the project argues that drought became something that could be figured and used as the means and justification for genocidal environmental policy. Although this project tells a historical story about how photographic practices were used to evict specific Indigenous communities in Palestine and Dinétah in the mid-twentieth century, I also show how the coloniality of drought shapes (and will increasingly shape) conditions of social and environmental harm across geopolitical contexts from Puerto Rico to Standing Rock to Flint.

Essays & Other Things

“Sanctuary: Literature and the Colonial Politics of Protection,” in progress

Climate at the Threshold: A Review Essay of Macarena Gómez-Barris's The Extractive Zone, Fazal Sheikh and Eyal Weizman's The Conflict Shoreline, and Christina Sharpe's In the Wake.

Toxic Recognition: Coloniality & Ecocritical Attention, Ecopoetics: Essays in the Field 

Reading Vulnerably: Indigeneity & the Scale of Harm, Anthropocene Reading: Literary History in Geologic Times 

Review of Layli Long Soldier's Whereas.

Aftermath: Environments of the Present catalogue essay for exhibition of Will Wilson’s Auto Immune Response at Texas Tech

Review of Native American Renaissance: Literary Imagination and Achievement. AICRJ

Open Ground. Open Ground LSJE

Interview with David Treuer. Los Angeles Review of Books

Review of Louise Erdrich’s The Round House. Chicago Tribune

The Autoethnography of William Whipple Warren. Wicazo Sa Review

The Practice of Native History Humanities NOW

How Bad Can It Be? Minnesota Review

Petals Off the Bough: Gerald Vizenor, Anishinaabe Dream Song, and the Revision of Pound’s Eastern Poetics. Columbia Journal of American Studies